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Calculate your age in Hijri or Gregorian through the age calculator by entering your date of birth in Hijri or Gregorian, in addition to the service of converting age from Hijri to Gregorian or vice versa.

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Age calculator

The online age calculation program, through a set of simple mathematical operations that depend on the entered date of birth, gives a correct value for the person’s age in years, months, and days. It also gives the age in different formulas.

It gives the person’s age in months, weeks, days, and hours, in addition to a set of Among the facts that he calculates by using the daily rates included in studies are the number of heartbeats, breathing times, number of laughs, etc.

The age calculator also shows the age stage that a person goes through in his life, such as adolescence, old age, childhood, and so on, and it also gives a table for the person that shows the age and the age stages that he goes through in detail.

Hijri Age calculator

Calculating a person’s age in the Hijri calendar depends largely on finding the difference between today’s date and the birth, and I learned that in it, by plotting the person’s date of birth from the date of the current day who wants to know his age in days, months and years, so you get Accurately correct result. Calculating the age in the Hijri does not differ from me except in the calculation by subtraction.

In the manual calculation, when we need thousands of months, the calculation in the Gregorian calendar uses (30 or 31) days. In the Hijri calculation, (29 or 30) is borrowed. I hope to obtain the correct result.

Gregorian Age calculator

Calculating the correct age depends on knowing the person’s date of birth in Gregorian and today’s date in day, month and year, so a simple subtraction process is performed as follows: (current date in day, month and year – date of birth of the person in day, month and year) and the result is the correct age of the person in day and month And the year. A person can also find out his age by entering his date of birth into the electronic age calculator program after choosing the calendar for which he wants to know his age. Then he will get the result that shows his age in years, months, and days directly and with ease.

Calculate age by day, month and year for free

The online age calculator program can be used to find out the age by day, month and year, in which the subtraction process is performed between the current date of day, month and year and the date of birth, thus obtaining the accurate age easily.