Prayer times today in Marbella - Spain

Prayer times today Monday 8 Muḥarram 1446 corresponding to the Gregorian date 15 July 2024 - a table clearly showing the times of Adhan and prayer of Al-fajr prayer, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha prayers in Marbella - Spain.

Prayer Times Today in Marbella - Spain

Prayer Azan Time
Salat Al-fajr 5:27 am
Sunrise 7:14 am
Salat Al-dhohr 2:26 pm
Salat Al-aser 6:16 pm
Salat Al-maghrib 9:38 pm
Salat Al-isha 11:17 pm
Imsak 5:17 am
Today Hijri Date
8 Muḥarram 1446
Today is
Today Gregorian Date
15 July 2024
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The importance of prayer

Prayer is the second pillar of Islam and the pillar of religion, and it is the first act of worship for which a Muslim will be held accountable on the Day of Resurrection. Muslims pray five times a day and it is obligatory for every sane adult Muslim, whether male or female.

Prayer has great merit, as it raises a Muslim by degrees in Paradise, removes sins and transgressions from him, and is a reason for him to enter Paradise. It also teaches a person order in various aspects of life, and prevents him from indecency and evil, and it demonstrates servitude to God alone and a direct connection between the servant and his Lord. Prayer is also one of the reasons for the descending of mercy, blessing, and the righteousness of all deeds.

Prayer times

  • Fajr prayer: from the beginning of the second dawn until sunrise.
  • Dhuhr prayer: from the beginning of the sun’s zenith in the middle of the sky until the beginning of the afternoon prayer.
  • Asr prayer: from when the shadow of everything begins to look like it until sunset.
  • Maghrib prayer: from sunset until the setting of the red twilight.
  • Isha prayer: from the sunset of the red twilight until the rise of the second dawn.